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The Science


ClariMem Health formulated a remarkable and novel compound –
ClariMem® with L-TAMS™ — based on results of studies published in peer-reviewed journals from 1995 to the present.

The discovery and development of L-TAMS has been chronicled in numerous top medical and scientific journals.

Keep reading to learn about some of the major findings of these studies. 

In the study shown below, mice supplemented with L-TAMS for 2 weeks displayed substantial increases in the number of neuronal connections (synapses). These new connections were lost when mice were taken off of L-TAMS supplementation for 2 weeks. Synapses allow neurons to communicate with one another, enabling information to flow.  


Neuronal connections are only useful if they are functional. The study results below show that in addition to increasing the number of connections in mouse brains, L-TAMS increases the number and density of functional neuronal connections. More functional connections means a greater capacity to process information and store memory.



To test whether the ability of L-TAMS to increase functional neuronal connections results in improved cognitive ability, older rats were supplemented with L-TAMS and evaluated using cognitive tests. In the left graph below, rats were supplemented with L-TAMS for 24 days, and their ability to correctly navigate a maze was measured. Rats supplemented with L-TAMS made significantly more correct choices in the maze following a delay.  In the right graph below, L-TAMS supplementation increased the percent of correct choices an older rat makes in a maze, but removing L-TAMS supplementation eliminates this benefit.


Finally, a gold-standard, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trial demonstrated that ClariMem® can improve overall cognitive ability in older adults who report cognition worsening with age. In this trial, subjects were randomly assigned to take either ClariMem® or an inactive placebo pill twice daily for 12 weeks. The results below show that subjects in the ClariMem® group displayed significantly greater improvements in performance on a cognitive battery comprised of standardized tests of memory, attention, and decision making, compared to subjects in the inactive placebo group. This improvement equates to a 9 year reduction in brain age.




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