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The Science

ClariMem Health, formulated a remarkable and novel compound –
ClariMem® with L-TAMS™ — based on results of studies published in peer-reviewed
publications from 1995 to the present.

Keep reading to learn about some of these studies and what they mean to you.

Published Human Trial Results 2015
(Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease)

Much had been learned through the work of these researchers, about the causes of cognitive decline and the major obstacles it causes in quality of life for the elderly.

In earlier studies, the researchers found that brain atrophy seems to play a pivotal role in the decrease in memory, retention of thought, problem-solving, and other other mental function of the elderly. The specific changes in the brain from atrophy are in the neurons and neuronal connections, also known as synapses.

A synapse is the connection between two neurons. Neuroscientists have known for decades that people with cognitive impairment have fewer neuronal connections or synapses.

More than any other single factor, the density of synapses determines the efficiency and quality of brain function.

For example, the person’s memory, ability to learn new things and retain them, problem-solving, creativity, and navigation skills are all dramatically impacted by the density of the synapses in the brain.

The most recent study was a human trial completed in 2015, before ClariMem® was offered to the public.

This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was to test a specially developed compound for reversing the effects of brain aging in adults 50-70.

A group of men and women were randomly chosen for the trial, and screened for factors that could bias the results, such as heart disease, diabetes, psychiatric disorders, a history of cancer, addictions, etc. Half of them were given this newly developed compound, and half were given a placebo. Neither the researchers nor the subjects knew who was receiving the compound, and who was receiving the placebo.

Dosages were determined by the weight of the individual, and all the participants were dosed according to directions for 12 weeks.

The results??

The subjects were assessed for effects of the compound on the first day, 6 weeks later, and the last day.

70% of the subjects who were dosed with this novel compound reported a significantly improved capacity for effective thinking, problem-solving, and remembering.

The novel compound used in this trial (L-TAMS) is the key ingredient included in the ClariMem formula in combination with other synergistic ingredients available now.

ClariMem® is the only supplement shown to rejuvenate brain function as demonstrated by the only gold-plated human trial results published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

experience the significant improvement in cognitive function and memory

You don’t have to feel that wretched embarrassment when you forget the names of your friends. You can kick absent-mindedness to the curb. You can know where you left your keys, and why you came into the room.

Enjoy improved cognition, enhanced memory, and sharper thinking, starting today. These studies have shown you’ll need to take ClariMem® at least 12 weeks to enjoy the full spectrum of benefits this remarkable formula provides. But you’ll begin to notice improvements all along the way.

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