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About ClariMem Health, Inc.

ClariMem Health, Inc., was founded on the idea that individuals need a way to improve their memory and cognition as they get older so they can enjoy richer, fuller lives in their later years.

Based on the extensive research since the mid-1990’s performed at Stanford University and the Center for Learning and Memory at MIT, the neuroscientists who explored the use of the key ingredient, L-TAMS, in their proprietary formula that contains it, pushed through nearly two decades of work to develop the solution now available as ClariMem® with L-TAMS.

Our leadership is provided by neuroscientists with decades of experience in testing and evaluating results in our breakthrough formula. Hence, ClariMem Health, Inc., embraces the mission to advance the study of neuroscience to provide the Baby Boomer population the quality of life that comes from improved memory, enhanced cognition, and sharper thinking.


ClariMem Health, Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley and  is not a nutraceutical marketing company, but a research-based organization led by Harvard, Stanford and MIT-trained neuroscientists and physicians to provide breakthrough formulas for improving quality of life in aging individuals.

The population of those over the age of 50 in the U.S. is expected to nearly double by 2050, as the surviving members of the Baby Boomer generation reach the age of 85. The mental and physical decline experienced by people as they get older is the focus of our research, and the solutions to maintaining healthy cognitive function are what we strive to develop and seek as a research-based company.

ClariMem Health, Inc., is dedicated to restoring optimal cognition, expanded memory and retention, and peak problem-solving capacity for individuals over 50 going forward. Our dream is to contribute to the day ahead when the declining memory and cognition associated with aging will only be found in the history books.

To that end, we continue our work with your improved life as our goal.

Try our remarkable proprietary formula ClariMem® that improves cognition, enhances memory, and sharpens thinking now! Remember our neuroscientists recommend taking ClariMem® as indicated for at least 12 weeks to experience the maximum benefit.