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Published Human Clinical Trial Results

Unlike most supplement companies, ClariMem Health sought to determine whether ClariMem® is truly effective at improving cognition in humans. Building on promising results from animal studies, they initiated a gold-standard clinical trial in older adults with cognitive complaints. The results of this clinical trial were recently published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, a highly respected peer-reviewed medical journal.

About ClariMem Health, Inc.

ClariMem Health, Inc. was founded on the idea that individuals need a way to improve their memory and cognition as they get older so they can enjoy richer, fuller lives. Based on extensive research since the mid-1990’s performed at Stanford University and the Center for Learning and Memory at MIT, neuroscientists developed ClariMem®. The key ingredient of ClariMem® is L-TAMS, a nutrient complex affirmed by the FDA to be safe, and shown to improve brain health.

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ClariMem® Reverses

9 Years of Brain Aging

The data from the double-blind clinical trial showed that subjects who took ClariMem® as directed for 12 weeks displayed a statistically significant improvement in overall cognitive ability compared to subjects who took a placebo (inactive sugar pill).

Incredibly, the data also indicated that ClariMem® effectively reversed the equivalent of 9 years of brain aging, based on performance on a standardized cognitive test.

Subjects in the ClariMem® group also reported improved mood and sleep quality.