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Published Human Trial Results 2015

Much had been learned through the work of these researchers, about the causes of cognitive decline and the major obstacles it causes in quality of life for the elderly. In earlier studies, the researchers found that brain atrophy seems to play a pivotal role in the decrease in memory, retention of thought, problem-solving, and other other mental function of the elderly. The specific changes in the brain from atrophy are in the neurons and neuronal connections, also known as synapses.

About ClariMem Health, Inc.

ClariMem Health, Inc., was founded on the idea that individuals need a way to improve their memory and cognition as they get older so they can enjoy richer, fuller lives in their later years. Based on the extensive research since the mid-1990’s performed at Stanford University and the Center for Learning and Memory at MIT, the neuroscientists who explored the use of the key ingredient, L-TAMS, in their proprietary formula that contains it, pushed through nearly two decades of work to develop the solution now available as ClariMem® with L-TAMS.

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Boosts Memory and Cognition

After 12 weeks taking ClariMem® as directed , subjects reported remarkable improvement in memory, decision making, cognitive function, and sleep.

Clarimem® improves overall cognitive ability as it relates to four key areas of brain function including working memory, executive function, episodic memory, and attention.

ClariMem® works by increasing neuronal connections (also known as expands synaptic density) – comparable to that seen in young vibrant brains.

Importantly, ClariMem® is the first supplement with demonstrated clinical results that can improve cognition in older adults so that it mirrors that of their children and grandchildren.